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Basic Concept of Magnetic Materials

How to choose right magnets
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Magnetic materials are widely used in our daily lives, service as essential components from general family appliances, computers, office machines and automobiles to specific industrial and medical equipment. But they are also famous for their complicated terminology. Permanent magnets are difficult materials to characterize completely, so many terms used to describe just what a magnet is. Gauss and Oersted are not everyday terms like Watt, mile or kilometer, pound or kilogram, etc.

The world of magnetic materials is divided into two parts,

· Hard magnetic materials, like NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo, Hard Ferrite and Flexible
· Soft magnetic materials, like Iron, soft Ferrite and Permalloy (a nickel-iron alloy)

Hard magnetic materials supply flux, and soft magnetic materials carry flux.
Magnetic flux creates a magnetic field.

How much flux and where it travels depend on many factors:

· The hard magnetic material used
· The size and shape of the hard magnetic material
· Nearby soft magnetic materials, usually called a return path
· Other magnetic fields arising from a current carrying coil of winding in a motor
· Temperature, usually but not always, things get worse as the temperature goes up


Where Magnets Work


· Permanent Magnet Starter Motors
· Sensors
· Electric Fuel Pumps
· Instrumentation Gauges
· Brushless DC Motors
· Actuators

Computer and Office Automation:

· Disk Drive Spindle and Voice Coil Motors
· Printer and Fax Stepper Motors
· Printer Hammer
· Copy Machine Rollers
· CD-ROM Drive Spindle and Pick-up Motors

Consumer Electronics:

· VCRs and Camcorders
· Cameras
· Speakers
· Headsets
· Microphones
· Pagers
· Watches
· DVD Players


· Portable Power Tool Motors
· Household Appliance Motors
· Scales

Industrial / Factory Automation:

· Robot Motors
· Robot Arms
· Magnetic Coupling, Pumps
· Servo Motors
· Linear Motors
· Generators
· Magnetic Tool
· Magnetic Bearings
· Magnetic Separators and holders

Medical and Educational purposes

How To Choose Right Magnets

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