ISO 9001 - ISO / TS 16949


YORMAG Technologies Inc. has over 30 years experience with machining parts, powdered metal parts and permanent magnets in manufacturing, engineering, sales, technical support and distribution service. We provide marketing, logistics, distribution, accounting and complete engineering and quality support and service for a group of Chinese manufacturers to North American market. Our goal is to be your reliable business partner in sourcing and using right parts, lowering cost and increasing your products' performance. We have been striving to set up the benchmark for our valuable customers in the following key areas,



All of our companies are either ISO 9001, ISO 9002 or
ISO / TS16949 certified
. If you need a tour visiting or a complete on-site audit, we will be happy to make the arrangements. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

Doing business with YORMAG is as simple as doing business with any other North American company, while offering guaranteed world class quality at the global competitive pricing plus convenient local support and service.

Our standard products most often can provide the solution to your production requirements. However, if your application is unusual and / or demanding, we can engineer a design to optimize your product's performance. Many times this results in increasing our customers' productivity and product reliability while reducing costs.

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